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Graph Tech Unveils the World’s Sexiest Bridge (April 6, 2011)

Graph Tech Unveils the World’s Sexiest Bridge


DELTA, B.C., April 6, 2011 – Graph Tech Guitar Labs, the world’s largest manufacturer of guitar nuts and saddles, is very excited to announce the release of its new ResoMax Wrap NW1 Bridge System.

You’ve never seen a bridge like this. Sleek and low profile, the ResoMax Wrap Bridge is designed for both comfort and good looks. Reminiscent of a classic car, the bridge is all curves, without any sharp edges to assure superior palm muting.

“I just tracked a main lead break for my new CD with this guitar and this bridge with the new posts.  Sounds freakin’ stellar! Nice light studs too.  Palm mutes O so comfy!” Says Dan Spitz, Three time Grammy nominated, multi Platinum Recording Artist and co-founder of Anthrax.

“It’s all in the details… besides being equipped with our Autolock system, so the bridge stays in place when unstrung, we took a year and  went deep into the design and style of the Wrap. The Resomax Wrap is elegant looking and probably the most comfortable bridge your hand has ever rested on.  Also, the strings wrap around the bridge smoothly without the sharp 90 angle found in most wraparounds (yes, that costs us more to do, but it is the right way to do it). Finally, the super light weight, high strength Resomax material is bursting with an abundance of beautiful, rich harmonics that will make you gasp.  There is not another bridge like this on the market and it’s great to know Dan Spitz is now Wrapped!” says Dave Dunwoodie, President of Graph Tech Guitar Labs.

The ResoMax Wrap Bridge is available in beautiful 24k gold, chrome and nickel finishes with coordinating saddles and is priced at $129.95 - $169.95 USD and available from your local dealer or at

About Graph Tech Guitar Labs

Founded in 1983 by President Dave Dunwoodie, Graph Tech Guitar Labs manufactures more guitar nuts and saddles than any other company in the world. Focused on innovations to improve guitar tone and vibration for optimal performance, Graph Tech is the maker of TUSQ® and Black TUSQ® XL man-made ivory, String Saver™ saddles, String Saver Classics™ steel saddles, ResoMax™ Harmonic Bridge System and ghost® Modular Pickup Systems. The world’s leading retailers, luthiers, and guitar manufacturers choose Graph Tech products including: Carvin, Fender, Gibson, Godin, Hagstrom, Ibanez, Jay Turser, Lag, Larrivee, Martin Guitars, Ovation, Peavey, Samick, Schecter, Taylor Guitars, and Yamaha Custom Shop.

For more information, visit or call 604-940-5353.

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